Feast, Toast, and Be Merry: How to Throw a Sparkling Thanksgiving Eve Party

Feast, Toast, and Be Merry: How to Throw a Sparkling Thanksgiving Eve Party

Who says the Thanksgiving fun has to wait until Thursday? Kick off the holiday festivities a day early with a lively Thanksgiving Eve bash that’s sure to set the perfect tone for the main event. Affectionately known as "Drinksgiving," this celebration is your chance to loosen up, laugh, and make merry with friends and family before the grand feast. Here’s how to craft an evening filled with fun, food, and plenty of festive spirit!

Setting the Scene

Home Sweet Home: Transform your space into a cozy autumn wonderland. Drape soft, warm blankets over chairs, scatter cushions around for extra comfort, and light candles to give that snug, welcoming glow.

Playlist Picks: Curate a mix of soul-warming classics and upbeat tunes that keep the vibes light and cheerful. From jazz to indie folk, let your playlist be a backdrop that complements the laughter and chatter.

Snack and Sip

Nibbles Not Feasts: With the big meal looming, opt for light, tasty appetizers like cranberry brie bites, mini pumpkin pies, and savory tartlets. Keep the oven off and the prep simple—no one wants to spoil their appetite!

Cocktail Crafting: Invite guests to mix their own festive drinks at your cocktail station. Stock up on ingredients for seasonally inspired concoctions—think cinnamon spiced old fashioneds or pear ginger fizz. Include some craft beers and fine wines for good measure, and don't forget the festive non-alcoholic options!

Game On

Turkey Day Trivia: Challenge your guests with trivia questions about Thanksgiving history, food, and fun facts. Offer small, quirky prizes for correct answers to keep the competitive spirit going.

Thanks & Giving: Instead of a gratitude wall, pass around a "Thankful Jar" where guests can drop in notes sharing what they’re thankful for. Read them out loud for a heartwarming moment that reminds everyone what the holiday is truly about.

Invite in Style

Creative Invites: Send out digital invites with all the charm of traditional ones. Think designs with autumn leaves, pumpkins, or fun graphics that say, "Let’s get basted!"

Mindful Timing: Start early and end reasonably—everyone has a big day ahead! A 7 PM start with a soft close around 11 PM ensures everyone enjoys without overstaying their welcome.


Embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving a day early with an evening filled with warmth, whimsy, and a touch of wild fun. This Thanksgiving Eve, let your home be filled with the aromas of autumn cocktails, the sounds of laughter, and the heartwarming buzz of good company. Get ready to feast, toast, and be merry—because the holiday cheer starts now!

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